In texting lingo, the abbreviation "HMU" stands for "hit me up." This means the sender wants the recipient to contact him in regard to something either by text or phone. More »

The abbreviation "btw" stands for "by the way," and is frequently used in text messages and e-mails. This is one of several common abbreviations familiar to many of those who frequently communicate via text message. More » Education

In texting and other forms of Internet-related shorthand, "SMH" means "shaking my head." This is usually expressed as a form of disbelief or disappointment. "SMH" and related initialisms are especially useful in social m... More » Technology Mobile

The acronym "HMU" in texting stands for "hit me up." It is an acronym that extends the invitation for the receiver to continue conversing with the sender. More » Technology Mobile

When someone uses the single letter "b" in a text, it usually means the word "be." Granted, definitions for letters and symbols that are used as shorthand can vary among mobile users, everyone understands "be" to unequi... More »

Neil Papworth sent the first text message in 1992. At the time, mobile phones did not have keyboards, so Papworth, a telecom developer, sent the text via computer. The first mobile phones with Short Message Service capab... More » Technology Mobile

"FTW" is an abbreviation that means "for the win." It is used as a type of shorthand on the Internet and when texting as a way of expressing enthusiasm. Normally used at the end of a comment, FTW is sometimes meant to be... More »