Wild birds eat a variety of seeds, nuts, corn, millet, nectar and eggshells. Wild birds find food in the natural habitat or by visiting bird feeders. Bird watchers can attract backyard birds by offering a varied diet in ... More »

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The wild budgie subsists primarily on a variety of seeds, supplemented by a variety of berries, fruits and other vegetation. Since the bird feeds on the ground, it eats bits of vegetation that have fallen from branches a... More »

Parrots are omnivores; therefore, they eat both insects and plant material, such as nuts, flowers, fruit, buds and seeds. Seeds and nuts are often their favorites, and they use their strong jaws to break open shells and ... More »

The diet of birds varies widely, and generally includes seeds, nuts, fruits and small insects, beetles and worms. Different species of birds consume various substances, and avian diets are different for domestic and wild... More »

Blue jays mainly eat nuts, corn, grains and seeds. They also eat various types of insects and have been occasionally known to raid the nests of other birds to feed on nestlings and eggs. More »

To create a backyard wildlife habitat, consider planting native plants that can be a source of berries, pollen, nuts, seeds and nectar for birds and small animals. Native plants are also relied upon by pollinators such a... More »

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Emus eat seeds, fruit, bark, nuts and stems. They also eat insects, small reptiles, amphibians and other small animals that they can handle. They have also been known to eat animal dung. Though they are mostly solitary, ... More »