White tigers are carnivores and, in the wild, they often feed on large mammals, such as wild boar, buffalo and deer. Depending upon what is available in a particular area, white tigers may also prey on smaller animals, s... More »

Tiger sharks will eat almost anything, such as stingrays, birds, sea snakes and seals, as they are scavengers in the ocean and are equipped with serrated razor-sharp teeth that enable them to break sea turtle shells as w... More »

Tiger sharks are apex predators, but they are susceptible to being preyed upon by other apex predators -- especially humans. In addition to being consumed by humans as a result of finning and fishing operations, tiger sh... More »

South China tigers primarily hunt large mammals including deer, wild boar, cattle and goats. They are carnivorous predators and often stalk their prey before they attack it. More »

Coyotes are primarily carnivores and mainly eat small and large mammals, although they also prey on birds, snakes, lizards, amphibians, crustaceans, fish and insects. When fresh meat is not available, they eat carrion, i... More »

Tigers are carnivores, and their diet in the rainforest consists of monkeys, wild oxen, boars, antelopes, birds and other animals. While they often attack herbivorous animals, tigers prefer killing young, weak or old ani... More »

According to National Geographic, Siberian tigers are carnivores that eat other animals. Wild Siberian tigers mostly live in forests located in East Russia, and they hunt animals that are native to this area. Most Siberi... More »