While there is some variation depending on tradition, vampires usually are described as looking like ordinary people but with very pale skin that becomes flushed with the consumption of blood. Sometimes the lips and mout... More »

While there is no such thing as a real vampire, it's fairly easy and inexpensive to dress up like one. It's possible to look like vampire with only some makeup, a set of fangs and the right clothes. More »

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To look like a vampire, it is necessary to apply white makeup to the entire face, red and black makeup around the lips and mouth, black and red makeup around the eyes and gray makeup around the cheekbones. A vampire make... More »

At one time, when vampires were actually considered to be real creatures, there were people who made a living hunting them. However, since the idea of a blood-sucking, immortal creature is purely mythological, there are ... More »

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According to historic lore, literature and films, the traditional way to become a vampire requires a vampire to drain a human of blood to the brink of death, and the human to drink blood from the vampire. The human then ... More »

Becoming a vampire involves undergoing the bite of a vampire and being reborn as the undead. The vampire’s roots lie in classic literature, with its first introduction in poetry in the 1700s and in “The Vampyre” by Polid... More »

While self-proclaimed vampires exist throughout the world, science does not support the existence of vampires. Even those with vampire-like traits fail to prove that they are legitimate vampires. Some argue that vampires... More »