The French Fourragere must be worn from the left shoulder with a pencil attachment on the blue dress coat of either an officer or enlisted man. The precise instructions can be found within the Marine Corps Uniform Regula... More »

According to StyleCaster, French people wear striped shirts, trench coats, body-flattering pieces and neutral-colored clothing. Breton striped shirts are popular, particularly those by French designer Saint James Galathe... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

French people typically wear gender-distinctive, age-appropriate clothing and accessories. They tend to dress more formally than people in the United States. More »

To make a zipper slide easier and more smoothly, you can rub several household items directly on the zipper, such as a graphite pencil, candle wax or a bar of soap, to lubricate contact points and prevent the zipper from... More »

To fringe a shirt, determine where you want the fringe to begin, and mark it by drawing a line across the shirt in pencil. Make 1/2-inch to 1-inch marks from that line to the hem of the shirt, then use scissors to cut al... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Tips for creating a doo-rag pattern include using large paper, a square ruler and a pencil with eraser as materials. To draw the pattern itself, it's necessary to draw three rectangles as well as the top and side pieces. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Women can wear a pencil skirt with a feminine top that is lacy, ruffled or sheer, or with a sleeveless blouse and pumps. A complementary jacket and studded heels provide an edgy evening look. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing