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Now how do you test it to confirm it is a diamond? Crystal Form: Looking at the crystal form is a quick way of differentiating diamond from most of the other minerals that look like diamond. Diamonds are cubic (isometric) form. The most common mineral that looks like a diamond is quartz and it is hexagonal form.


Rough diamonds, on the other hand, are uncut and unpolished, and they have not been altered in any way after they were mined. How to Identify Rough Diamonds? Rough diamonds look like transparent stones that are either colorless or tinted in yellowish or brownish color.


What does the raw form of diamond look like? Very variable - some just look like lumps of dirty stone, while others have a visible octahedral shape and plenty of sparkle. Some look like little ...


Rough Diamond does not have any proper shape, proper color or proper size. Rough Diamond is almost like people, as every people is different from another same as the Rough diamond is different from another Rough diamond.. The Rough diamond look is also mattered from where it founds. below image describes the majority of diamonds shape.


Diamonds form isometric crystals, have a specific gravity of 3.1–3.5, rank 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, stick to a grease table, and, in some cases, fluoresce under shortwave ultraviolet light. Correctly identifying an uncut rough diamond uses a combination of these characteristics.


It's got me to thinking: what DO uncut, unpolished diamonds look like? Obviously they have to be cut and polished in order to bring out their full luster, but is there something about a diamond that catches the eye? A glint, a shape, etc? Could a layman spot an uncut diamond or does it take an experienced diamond miner/gemologist?


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Identify Raw Gems in the Field. Look for stones with color. While these stones may turn out to be nothing, finding colored rocks is a good place to start when gem hunting. Keep your eye out for glass. Raw diamonds, among other gems, often look like nothing more than a hunk of glass. Pick up anything unusual.


Best Answer: Very variable - some just look like lumps of dirty stone, while others have a really good octahedral shape and plenty of sparkle. Some look like little sugar cubes. The reference below has some photos of specimen examples. The largest diamond ever found (The Cullinan or Premier Diamond) was ...


Uncut Diamonds - this is what they look like when we get them, before we turn them into the best loose diamonds for our clients . Visit. Pearl-Nautilus. Beautiful shot of uncut natural Diamond crystals! Just as a diamond goes through cutting and becomes more beautiful and even priceless, if you make yourself, you can become an awsomer person ...