Rat snakes are constrictors that eat rodents, birds, frogs, squirrels and bird eggs. They play an important role in many ecosystems by keeping the population of rodents at a constant, low level. More »

The recommended diet for a pet juvenile rat snake is mice, but it can also be fed chicks or rats. In the wild, juvenile rat snakes eat rodents, small lizards and sometimes small frogs. More »

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Hawks eat rattlesnakes, garter snakes, black rat snakes and many other snake species. Snakes are a staple in the diet of most birds of prey. Hungry hawks prey upon all snakes native to their ecosystem. More »

Depending on boa constrictors' species and size, they prey upon lizards, frogs, birds, rodents and medium-sized mammals, such as monkeys and pigs. Boa constrictors live in diverse habitats in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Is... More »

Snakes living in deserts subsist on the same type of prey most other snakes do, including lizards, rodents, birds and invertebrates. As predators, snakes cannot colonize desert habitats unless there is ample prey to meet... More »

Gopher snakes' diet is mainly comprised of small mammals, including rabbits and rodents, but they may also eat other snakes and lizards, birds or eggs. Gopher snakes need sunlight and warmth to digest their food, which i... More »

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Cobras are carnivorous snakes and feed on other snakes, lizards, small mammals, birds and bird eggs. A cobra can eat almost any type of snake, including other venomous snakes. Cobras survive well on land, in the trees, a... More »