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i dont realy understand how you can look like you're from spain, what do the spanish look like, ie skin color height eye color hair texture color etc. isnt spain a big mixing bowl or arabs and nordic types?


Remember to keep it classy, people. Insider Tip: Like many other European countries, Spain has an eye for fashion. Emphasis is placed on designer labels and quality clothing that fits well. Traveling in Spain is a great chance to learn more about Spanish culture - and fashion 3. Don’t be flashy.


There were no Moors or Berbers in Asturias so they look very European and handsome and dress exquisite..The men in my family from North Spain look like Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen..i always tell people Emilio Estevez is the perfect example of what a real one from celtic North Spain looks like.. If they are a true Spa...


Whatever you do, don’t ask an old man ‘what he did in the Civil War’ or mention Franco, the Falklands or Gibraltar. Spaniards are intolerant of other people’s views; criticism of Spain is reserved for the Spanish (who do it constantly) and isn’t something to be indulged in by ignorant foreigners.


For most people this involves walking up to 800-kilometer across northern Spain, though you can start from anywhere you like. For those who embark on the most popular route, the Camino Frances, this involves a walk through the Pyrenees, through Pamplona and the wine country of La Rioja, before a long stint walking across the Spanish meseta .


Some people in Spain look like Latin Americans as I understand it some people in Spain don't. I've heard rumours that some Spanish people can easily be mistaken for somebody French or even Portuguese!! I once saw a Spanish person with blonde hair!!! Is Fernando Torres really Spanish! He looks like he comes from Luxembourg to me!


The Latin American Countries wanted independence from Spain because they did not like Spanish taxes. The Spanish treated the people of Latin America like second, third, and fourth class citizens.


Spaniards, or the Spanish people, are a Romance ethnic group that are indigenous to Spain.They share a common Spanish culture, history, ancestry, and language.Within Spain, there are a number of nationalisms and regionalisms, reflecting the country's complex history and diverse culture.Although the official language of Spain is commonly known as "Spanish", it is only one of the natio...


The Basque people of northern Spain loom large in any attempt to understand the ethnogenesis of European populations. That is because the speak the only indubitably indigenous non-Indo-European ...

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