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The term Pakistani clothing refers to the ethnic clothing that is typically worn by people in the country of Pakistan and by the people of Pakistani origin. Pakistani clothes express the culture of Pakistan, the demographics of Pakistan and cultures from the Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun and Kashmir regions of the country. Dress in each ...


What do people in Pakistan wear as far as clothing goes? 11. Aadil. May 15, 2009 @ 3:03 am. This is very helpful. Thankyou. I just wanted to know one more thing that why was the capital of Pakistan changed from Karach to Islamabad? This is one of my Pakistan Studies questions and I haved tried looking everywhere but I can't find any good ...


What kind of clothing do Pakistani people wear? It is typical to wear a salwar kameez. But with passage of time, especially in the mid 90's, fashion industry started to grow and designers of ...


What kind of clothing do the people of Pakistan wear? Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. But Pakistan is a country with a very diverse population with varying clothing styles.


Pakistan's Traditional Clothing and All About It The ethnic clothing worn by people who reside in the country of Pakistan and are of Pakistani descent are representative of the culture of the nation. It is an amalgamation of the different ideologies of the people of the country.


We love wearing our suits Them Polo shirts Regular shirts And not to forget Shalwar Kamez Yes I know. I have only talked about men’s clothing. In my opinion, Pakistani girls wear the most complicated clothes.


Some people of India think that and have a some question about the women fashion that "Do women in Pakistan wear a saree and bindi?" So in Pakistan and people of Pakistan especially the women of Pakistan are too like the Indian dramas and because every home have the cable connection and that's way Pakistani women likes the Indian tradition and cultural wearing of clothes "SAREE&...


What NOT to do in Pakistan. Heather Carreiro. Mar 8, 2010. ... Most people are fasting, or at least pretending to fast, and it’s rude to eat, drink, or smoke in public. This includes on a bus, train, or plane. ... Women also wear a matching dupatta to cover the head and chest.


What to Wear in Pakistan General Style Tips. Pakistan is very traditional, so short tops, short skirts/shorts, tight or body-revealing clothes etc should be avoided. A good option is the local dress; a shalwar kameez. This is a long tunic top with loose fitting pants, which can be bought cheaply at any market.


A country with tremendous history and magnificent past, Pakistan is home to almost 200 million people. Pakistani people have the clothing culture enriched with the numerous influences of thousands of years old heritage and to say, the traditional dresses of Pakistan are the legacy of ancient civilizations.