Contrary to popular belief, mothballs are not very effective at repelling snakes. The best way to keep snakes out of areas inhabited by pets and humans is to make the area less appealing to the reptiles. More »

Mothballs do repel rats. Cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or a mixture of cayenne pepper, garlic, salad oil and horseradish also repel rats. More »

Mothballs are made of naphthalene or para-dichlorobenzene, two pesticides that transform straight from a solid to a gas. Because of its flammable nature, naphthalene is a less common component of modern mothball producti... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Common household items that people can use to repel snakes include mothballs, hot pepper flakes, ammonia, garlic and peppermint. Mothballs contain naphthalene, which causes liver damage and anemia, and the Environmental ... More »

Wormwood, tulbaghia violacea, West Indian lemongrass, Sarpagandha and andrographis paniculata can help repel snakes. Garlic, cinnamon oil, and clove oil can also be used. More »

Lime does not repel snakes. The best way to keep snakes away is to remove potential habitats and food sources. For instance, removing piles of wood reduces the number of insects that snakes eat. More »

Moth balls do not normally repel snakes, notes the National Pesticide Information Center. Snakes did not hesitate to cross over moth balls in a study performed by the University of Nebraska. More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Snakes