Every lizard species has unique dietary needs, because lizards are a group of reptiles spanning up to 6,000 species rather than a single species. Potential pet owners should research their species' dietary needs before b... More »

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Lizards are eaten by birds, mammals, snakes and other lizards. Baby lizards are especially vulnerable to predators of all kinds because they receive no maternal protection. Lizard eggs are eaten by skunks, badgers and sn... More »

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Most lizards are omnivores, however, what a lizard eats is largely influenced by its size. With over 3,800 different species of lizard, there is no set diet between them. More »

The best way to get rid of lizards in a yard is to change the habitat so that it is not hospitable for the small reptiles. Changing the habitat may take some time to have the desired effect, so if it is legal to do so, b... More »

Three species of lizards are dangerous to humans: the Gila monster, the Mexican beaded lizard and the Komodo dragon. These lizards are dangerous because they transmit venom when they bite. More »

Some lizards do hibernate, depending upon the species, the climate of their natural habitat and the weather. Hibernation in lizards is an adaptation that allows them to survive low temperatures despite being ectothermic,... More »

Eastern collared lizards are a colorful species found between Kansas, northern Mexico and Missouri. They are popular in the pet trade and are often bred in captivity. More »

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