According to ESchool Today, humans need the sun, water, food, air and a constant temperature in order to survive. Humans need the sun as a source of heat and light. More »

To survive on Mars, humans need the same things they need on Earth: water, a breathable atmosphere, and food. Mars is a hostile planet, and is currently unable to support human life. More »

To survive in space, humans require access to the basic life support items necessary to survive on Earth: food, breathable air, potable water, a means of removing waste and adequate shelter from extreme environmental con... More »

All living things require water, nutrients, air, sunlight and a proper temperature in order to live. The amount of each that is required and how each is acquired varies depending on the organism. More »

Various protist species are important to humans because they are the primary producers at the base of the food pyramid, turning the energy from the sun into a form that can be passed from organism to organism up the food... More »

Photosynthesis plays an important role in the environment for several reasons as it helps clean the air because plants use the carbon dioxide in the air for photosynthesis, the plants produce oxygen as a by-product which... More »

The four basic needs of all living things are sunlight, air, water and food. The survival of living organisms also depends on limiting factors such as soils, temperature and physical barriers. These factors, which are sp... More »