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What to Wear in Hawaii: Tina’s Guide to Hawaiian Chic & More. ... Guys wear aloha shirts to "white collar" office jobs downtown. Women don't wear heels (or nylons) unless it's a job requirement. ... I never get cold in Hawaii, but some women like to wear a cotton cardigan or a lightweight jacket when eating at an open-air restaurant on the ...


According to Hawaiian History, men wear loincloths, while women wear a skirt and a rectangular shawl. Hawaiians use unique techniques to design their shirts, including watermarks, printing designs and patterned flora. On the same note, part of the traditional garments also contains a Khei, which is a type of cloak worn on one shoulder by women.


WHAT TO WEAR IN HAWAII. Now that your Hawaiian vacation has been booked, many of our clients wonder what they should pack and wear while in Hawaii. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled suggestions to help make this easier. Please remember, Hawaii is all about having fun, experiencing paradise and "hanging loose" - so these are only ...


How to Dress in Hawaii. If you're visiting Hawaii, you want to make sure you have appropriate attire. Hawaii is a fairly casual setting, so you'll need an array of casual wear for your trip. If you go out in the evenings, there's no need...


Women can wear Hawaiian shirts just as men do, as well as tank-top dresses in floral patterns. The traditional Hawaiian women’s dress is the muumuu, which hangs from the shoulders and fits ...


Women wearing a flower behind their right ear are showing that they are available and those women wearing a flower behind their left ear are showing that they are in a relationship. Tourists generally do not have to follow this guideline. The plumeria is generally the flower that Hawaiian women wear to show if they are single or not.


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Below you'll find our top 17 "must-have" Hawaii packing list items for a more safe and enjoyable vacation. I also have some tips on what to wear in Hawaii, a list of items NOT to bring, and some FAQs about traveling in Hawaii. Aloha!


While rubber slippers, board shorts and T-shirts are common day-to-day wear for Hawaiian men, women and children, the iconic aloha shirt and muumuu -- once forced upon the native women by missionaries who arrived from New England -- are still worn today and embellished with traditional Hawaiian patterns and floral designs.