Hair relaxer lasts between six and eight weeks. This is a lotion that makes the hair softer and a lot easier to manage; this is an ideal solution to reduce unwanted curling in hair. Because this is not a permanent straig... More »

White people can use hair relaxers, or chemical hair treatments, to straighten curly or frizzy hair. White people's hair does have different hair curl patterns than other ethnicities' hair, so lye-based products may be t... More »

It is not possible to reverse a hair relaxer, which is a permanent hair product. The only way to get rid of the result of a hair relaxer is to grow out the hair. Cutting off the processed hair allows the new growth to co... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

To avoid irritating the scalp and hair, wash it about four days prior to using a relaxer. Shampoo often contains ingredients that strip the hair and scalp of moisture and necessary oils. More »

Most hairstylists recommend waiting for about a week before washing the hair after getting a relaxer. This is the best way to make sure the hair adjusts to the chemical treatment and the results last. More »

According to, Coconut Cream Natural relaxer contains some natural ingredients that are not as harsh on hair as lye, which is used in conventional relaxers. No product that can straighten curly, textured hair pe... More »

The absolute minimum interval you should put between two hair coloring sessions is four weeks. However, the actual recommended time is around six to seven weeks. Generally, those with weak hair should wait longer, but if... More »