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"the gleam which in some eyes denotes madness. I have also noted the “far-off look” which seems to gaze at something beyond you, and the alternation from the fixed stare to a glazing or filming over of the pupil." It's an imagination expression as to romanticize, give mystery to the story.


A decade ago it was considered anything but chic to look like your mother, but these luscious gypsy looks demonstrate how times have changed. The gypsy look, otherwise known as a bohemian flair, is making a bold resurgence in the fashion industry, and this occurrence takes cues from fashion setters of the seventies.


Just as you do in any other makeup, here also you start by applying a foundation. However, for the look of a gypsy, you need to choose a foundation that is a few shades darker than your complexion. This will give you a sun-kissed glow like that of a gypsy. You will look dark and exotic.


The telling verse is as follows: I remember the first time I saw you The tears in your eyes look like they're tryin' to say Oh little boy you know I could love you But first I must make my get away Two strange men fightin' to the death over me today This describes when Jimi's mom left him with relatives and describes the issue with Jimi's Dad ...

www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gypsy eyes

1.Song by Jimi Hendrix 2.Someone with color changing eyes, from green, to blue, to gray. Beutiful and abstract eyes.


The Roma scoundrels living here do not prentend to be white, they actully could'nt it over anyways as they look like they're from Bombay. Actully it is their interest to proclaim their asiatic gypsy orgin insomuch as the fools & traigtors in the race-relations industry are only to happy to throw money at these filthy, asian scroungers.


Gypsy Eyes Lyrics: Well, I realize that I've been hypnotized / I love your gypsy eyes / I love your gypsy eyes / Alright! / Hey Gypsy / Way up in my tree I'm sitting by my fire / Wondering where in


TLC has helped shed some light on the gypsy culture in the United States with their shows My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and its spin-off, Gypsy Sisters. But there are so many more gypsy cultures to explore both in America and around the world. They all have beautiful women, some who look like the stereotypical gypsy and some who do not.


Best Answer: I know what you're referring to because I've also heard this many times: Romanian Gypsies, Hungarian Gypsies, Russian Gypsies. It's a kind of label to make the difference about their country of residence, not origin. Of course all Gypsies (Roma, Romani) come from India. But they do embrace the ...


I think dark curly hair and dark eyes are traits associated with being Roma. We have some gypsy blood about three or four generations back in my family, and most of us have dark wavy hair. I don't have brown eyes but many people in the family do. My mum looks Italian too :) But yes, I think those things are Roma things.