Ruffed grouse are omnivores, eating both plants and insects. The adult grouse consume berries, fruits, other plants and insects. More »

The three species of ptarmigan are mostly plant-eaters, though they also consume beetles, caterpillars and other insects. Ptarmigan live in very cold habitats, and insects only figure into their diet during warm weather.... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Snails have many natural predators, including beetles, mites, millipedes, flies and other insects, as well as small mammals, such as mice and squirrels. A number of amphibian species, including toads and turtles, and gro... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Slugs & Snails

Ruffed grouse are available for purchase at Purely Poultry is a Wisconsin breeder that features over 300 breeds of chickens, water fowl, geese and exotic game birds such as French Guinea keets. This br... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Quail are omnivores that eat both insects and small plant seeds. They may also feed on grain crops, such as corn and soybeans, and legumes, such as peas. Their diets vary with the seasons and by location, depending what ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

According to the National Wildlife Federation, whooping cranes have an omnivore's diet that includes crustaceans, small fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles, grains, marsh plants and acorns. They live in locations with si... More » Pets & Animals Birds

As omnivores, Crayfish like to eat shell fish, worms, plants, insects, plankton, insects and snails. Crayfish are not picky and will even eat dead fish, decaying plants and dead animals. They will eat anything within the... More »