While birds have many predators, the most common predators of birds are other birds. Other consumers of birds include mammals like large cats, snakes, insects and plants. More »

According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, backyard birds of Virginia can subsist on the diverse seeds, fruits and berries produced by local shrubs and trees throughout much of the year. During th... More »

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Baby birds eat insects provided by their parents in their early days, although this diet changes as baby birds get older. Insects provide the protein-rich diet that birds need for early development. More »

The main predators of the cardinal include hawks, owls and snakes. Domestic cats and dogs have also been known to attack cardinals, while nestlings and eggs are often the meal of small mammals, including foxes and raccoo... More »

Florida scrub-jays have a variety of natural predators, but their most common predators are cats, snakes and birds of prey. Additionally, raccoons, squirrels and other birds frequently consume scrub-jay eggs and hatchlin... More »

Large birds of prey and wild cats are the main predators of toucans. Eagles, hawks and owls are the large birds of prey that feed on toucans, and jaguars and margays are cats the prey on them. More »

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Seahorses are eaten by birds, crabs, fish and other sea creatures, but are not a preferred food by many predators because they are primarily made of bones and skin. In order to avoid being eaten, seahorses will change co... More »