Beavers live in freshwater within temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. There are two distinct species of beaver: one that lives in Eurasia, and one that lives in the Unites States and Canada. Both are se... More »

Beavers can be trapped and kept alive using a spring-loaded cage. They can also be trapped using wire mesh wrapped around trees, but the beaver is unlikely to survive. More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Get rid of beavers by making the area undesirable for the rodents. While shooting beavers and trapping, either by live or lethal traps, do eliminate the problem, those practices are either illegal in some areas or have l... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

Weasels live in forests and open woodland areas and are native to North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa. They have also been introduced in other countries as a form of pest control. More »

Field mice are able to live any place that a human can survive, including human homes, sheds, barns, open fields, forests, plains, swamps, meadows, mountains and mine shafts. They are very common in the wild but are usua... More »

Lynx are cold-weather loving wildcats and their habitat extends across the Northern Hemisphere wherever there are forests of an appropriate climate. Lynx are mainly found in the northern regions of North America and in t... More »

Baby beavers are called kittens, or "kits" for short. Female beavers give birth to litters of two to five kits. Newborn kits stay inside their lodge for the first month of life. More »