Baby turtle diets vary from one species to the next. For example, painted turtle hatchlings consume small animals while they are young before switching to a diet heavy in plants upon maturation, according to the Universi... More »

Box turtles generally eat food that is native to their habitats, such as spiders, worms, grasshoppers, berries and flowers. However, there are several different types of box turtles, and not all of them consume the same ... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Eastern box turtles have a wide and varied diet, consisting of insects, plants and fungi. This varied diet and tough digestive constitution allows box turtles to survive even when their favorite food sources are not avai... More »

There are several species of sea turtles, and the diets of these animals vary. Carnivorous sea turtles eat meat, while herbivorous sea turtles are plant eaters. Sea turtles that are omnivores eat both types of foods. More »

Painted turtles eat carrion small fish, freshwater crustaceans, aquatic insects, plant leaves and algae. The hatchlings are largely carnivorous and add more plants to their diets as they mature. More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Turtles eat foods that are readily available in their particular environment, some of which might include fish, bugs and vegetation, according to Because different types of turtles live in different environmen... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Wild turtles eat shrimp, worms, water plants, frogs and fish, but the specific diet varies depending on the species. Some species of turtles are carnivores and eat only meat, and some eat only vegetation, but the majorit... More »