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The Calusa Indians lived in southwestern Florida. These Indians were some of the first that were written about by the explorers from Spain and it is believed that they could have numbered well into the thousands.


A coastal tribe in southwest Florida, the Calusa Indians primarily lived on foods that they could get from the water. They caught catfish, eels, oysters, lobsters, and other aquatic life.


Culture. Early Spanish and French sources referred to the tribe, its chief town, and its chief as Calos, Calus, Caalus, and Carlos. Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda, a Spaniard held captive by the Calusa in the 16th century, recorded that Calusa meant "fierce people" in their language. By the early 19th century, Anglo-Americans in the area used the term Calusa for the people.


Calusa villages, on the other hand, were very complicated to build. The Calusas engineered artificial islands, seawalls, piers, and temple foundations out of shells, and planted rows of trees as windbreaks to protect against hurricanes. What was Calusa clothing like? Did they wear feather headdresses and face paint? The Calusas didn't wear much ...


Calusa, North American Indian tribe that inhabited the southwest coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to Cape Sable and Cape Florida, together with all the outlying keys. According to some authorities their territory also extended inland as far as Lake Okeechobee.Their linguistic affiliation is not certain. Their estimated population in 1650 was 3,000 living in 50 villages.


Calusa Written accounts by Spanish missionaries, shipwreck survivors, and chroniclers help us to imagine the Calusa people who built and lived upon the massive artificial shell constructions of southwestern Florida.The cultural traditions of the Calusa were deeply rooted in Estero Bay, Charlotte Harbor and neighboring areas. Major archaeological sites are characterized by their large size, and ...


The calusa Indian males wore deer skin pants. Men never wore shirts in this tribe. Women wore deerskin skirts and deerskin shawls that covered their upper bodie.


The Calusa as Shell Indians The Calusa are considered to be the first “shell collectors.” Shells were discarded into huge heaps. Unlike other Indian tribes, the Calusa did not make many pottery items. They used the shells for tools, utensils, jewelry, and ornaments for their shrines. Shell spears were made for fishing and hunting.


The Calusa Indians were more fierce than the Timucua Indians for example the Timucua Indians didn’t set any body on fire that walked in their tribe like the Calusa Indians did. The same is that they both lived in Florida, they used shells, and did their accessories the same.


The Calusa Indians did not farm like the other Indian tribes in Florida. Instead, they fished for food on the coast, bays, rivers, and waterways. The men and boys of the tribe made nets from palm tree webbing to catch mullet, pinfish, pigfish, and catfish. They used spears to catch eels and turtles.