Aztec clothing was made from cotton and fiber, extracted from Maguey Cactus leaves. Women played the important role of weaving clothes using fiber, and they learned this at a young age. They used different colors to dye ... More »

The native people of the Aztec Empire looked much like the ethnically indigenous people of Central and South America today. The Aztecs lived in what is now Central Mexico and arrived in Mesoamerica in the early 13th cent... More »

Portugal colonized Brazil in 1500. The Brazilian Indians were not as advanced as the civilizations of Peru and Mexico, such as the Aztecs and Mayans. More »

Modern Cuban clothing consists of casual cotton and linen attire that is lightweight, due to the warm tropical climate. Women often wear skirts or jeans with t-shirts or loose tops, while men wear jeans or cotton pants a... More »

Like the apparel of many countries, typical Chinese clothing is subject to changing fashion trends. It has become increasingly common to find the nationalist blending of traditional and modern motifs and styles, featurin... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

The types of clothing Africans wear varies by the region. According to All African Clothes, men and women usually sport clothes that are brightly colored and loose-fitting. Common fashion choices include head-wraps, hats... More »

Italians often wear appropriately fitted, neat clothing made of fine material, along with stylish accessories. There are no specific rules to dressing in Italy, but there are generally accepted cultural norms that affect... More »