The Aztecs ate a variety of different animals including turkeys, ducks, deer, rabbit, dogs and insects. The only domesticated animals the Aztecs raised were turkeys, ducks and dogs, and these animals provided only a smal... More »

Corn was the main staple food in Aztec culture, and it was combined with fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, fish, gophers, iguanas, salamanders, crayfish, insects, insect eggs, larvae and various fowl and wild game. Turk... More »

The British have been poking fun at the French for their penchant for eating frog's legs since the 16th century by calling them "frog-eaters," now commonly shortened to just "frogs." The Chinese are known to have eaten f... More »

The Spanish army, led by Hernán Cortés, conquered the Aztecs. The battle for parts of what is now Mexico lasted for just over two years between the Aztecs and the Spanish. More »

Some of the Aztecs' major accomplishments include advances in herbalism, the discovery of an extremely vivid shade of red and the development of ollama, a precursor to modern soccer. Though the Aztecs were known as power... More »

The Mayas, Incas and Aztecs were three groups of people in Central and South America. The Aztecs and the Mayas lived in what is now southern and central Mexico, and the Incas lived around the Andes on South America's Pac... More »

The Aztecs traded crops such as beans, corn, pears, squash, tobacco, cotton, tomatoes and peppers as well as turkeys, feathers and blankets. Because they didn't have a monetary system in place, the Aztecs bartered with g... More »