William Shakespeare's epitaph reads, "GOOD FREND FOR IESVS SAKE FORBEARE / TO DIGG THE DVST ENCLOASED HEARE / BLESTe BE Ye MAN Yt SPARES THES STONES / AND CVRST BE HE Yt MOVES MY BONES." This epitaph is inscribed on a st... More »

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William Shakespeare wrote two narrative poems, 38 plays and 154 sonnets during his lifetime and is often considered the greatest English-language dramatist, poet and writer. He was also an actor in both his own plays and... More »

In addition to being an actor, playwright, and entrepreneur, it is thought that Shakespeare may have also worked as a horse attendant and assistant schoolmaster. There are several years of Shakespeare's life for which th... More »

Shakespeare's gravesite in the Holy Trinity Church is marked with a cover stone bearing the inscription "GOOD FREND FOR IESVS SAKE FORBEARE,TO DIGG THE DVST ENCLOASED HEARE, BLESTe BE Ye MAN Yt SPARES THES STONES, AND CV... More »

Weird facts about William Shakespeare include the fact that he wrote a curse for his own epitaph, his father was once a professional drinker and that he spelled his own name wrong. He also either coined or popularized se... More »

While most Shakespeare scholars agree that William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him, others, known as anti-Stratfordians, point to Christopher Marlowe, Sir Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere and others as possibl... More »

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There is no consensus on why William Shakespeare became a writer. He initially started as an actor but eventually began writing his own plays and poems. Some scholars and historians suggest he started writing to make mon... More »