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The following article regarding the question of what did Hitler believe in is an excerpt from Richard Weikart’s book Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich. It is available to order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Nothing Hitler believed was new; it had all been inherited from earlier thinkers. Very little of what Hitler believed had been formed into a long-term program of events; the Hitler of 1925 wanted to see Jews gone from Germany, but it took years before the Hitler of the 1940s was willing to execute them all in death camps.


Adolf Hitler's religious beliefs have been a matter of debate; the wide consensus of historians consider him to have been irreligious, anti-Christian, anti-clerical and scientistic. In light of evidence such as his fierce criticism and vocal rejection of the tenets of Christianity, numerous private statements to confidants denouncing Christianity as a harmful superstition, and his strenuous .....


The Nazi Party was well organised and it was able to faced. Hitler was a poster from 1932. arrest the political How did Hitler rise to power? Part Three and films The Nazis take advantage take full advantage of the problems that the government powerful and inspiring public speaker. He was able to make people believe that he


Adolf Hitler was leader of the Nazi Party who rose to become dictator of Germany. Hitler used his power to orchestrate the deaths of 6 million Jews and millions of others during World War II.


People often make the claim that Adolf Hitler adhered to Atheism, Humanism or some ancient Nordic pagan mythology. None of these fanciful and wrong ideas hold. Although one of Hitler's henchmen, Alfred Rosenberg, did undertake a campaign of Nordic mythological propaganda, Hitler and most of his henchmen did not believe in it .


Nazi Racism For years before Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he was obsessed with ideas about race.In his speeches and writings, Hitler spread his beliefs in racial "purity" and in the superiority of the "Germanic race"—what he called an Aryan "master race."


Hitler believed in mythos, and wanted to recast the christian religion to fit his needs and wants. He recognized the power of religion to control people and attempted to use it to that end. In the final analysis it doesn’t matter if he actually believed in god or not, though he did claim to publicly on m...


Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary (in present-day Austria), close to the border with the German Empire. He was christened as "Adolphus Hitler". He was the fourth of six children born to Alois Hitler and his third wife, Klara Pölzl.


What Did Adolf Hitler Do? Adolf Hitler brought the Nazi party to prominence in Germany, initiated the Holocaust and started World War II. He was responsible for the deaths of millions, including soldiers in the war and civilians killed in Nazi concentration camps.