Neanderthals, more commonly referred to as cavemen, generally wore simple outfits made from the hides and skins of animals. Neanderthals lived in many locations, including North America and later in Europe. The clothing ... More »

According to archaeologists, Neanderthal people, known colloquially as cavemen, lived in groups with simple social structures, had their own languages and communicated by speaking. Some scientists conclude that analysis ... More »

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Tribes of the Eastern Woodlands in Canada wore clothing made out of warm, protective, thick materials, such as the skins and hides of mammals, birds and even fish. The clothing of the tribesmen and women living in the Ea... More »

Algonquian clothing varied according to the season and geographic region in which they lived but generally consisted of animal furs, skins and hides, as well as fibrous material from corn husks, trees and leaves. Men and... More »