Ben Franklin did not invent electricity, but he did gain some understanding about it that people previously did not know. His initial hypothesis was that it contained a common element, which he dubbed as electric fire. More »

Benjamin Franklin had a total of 16 siblings, seven of which were half siblings from his father's first marriage. His father, Josiah Franklin, had 17 children in total. More »

There is no scholarly evidence than Benjamin Franklin had syphilis, despite the widespread nature of the myth. Perhaps the story gained traction because Franklin was known as a womanizer even during his lifetime, althoug... More »

Ben Franklin had many hobbies, including swimming, reading and conducting scientific experiments. His fascination with electricity led to his invention of the lightning rod, which proved to be a great safety device that ... More »

In 1753, Ben Franklin won the Copley Medal awarded by the Royal Society of London. The same year, he was also awarded honorary doctorate degrees from a number of prestigious universities, including Yale University in New... More »

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Benjamin Franklin’s most important find was that all electrical capacities are not equivalent. Instead, they retain one of two opposite charges, which has become the basis for the "plus" and "minus" terminology that is s... More »