Mar 31, 2019 ... Much more meat and white bread than the Norse, I am afraid, who eat more fish like ... How intelligent were the ancient Germanic tribes? ... Were they originally Germans, before heading to North and did they speak German in the beginning?


Aug 8, 2019 ... ... or sauerkraut, you will find ancient cooking methods still in use today. ... Today, Germans still fall back on their rich heritage, serving wild ...


The Germans did not dwell in numbers, side by side in towns and villages, but ... which they bound with silver and used as drinking-vessels, and flesh to eat.


They were less robust than their meat-eating neighbors, and tended to be ... Also as another poster pointed out the Germans did have animal ...


Feb 21, 2014 ... What did these warriors eat to survive in such a forbidding landscape?


Dec 7, 2011 ... Although the quantity of meat eaten in castles was higher than that in towns or in the countryside, only a small percentage of it was game.


Oct 21, 2012 ... This period saw the transition from ancient Celtic runes to a more modern Latin script, and played a heavy role in the development of the ...


By the time of Julius Caesar, Germans were established west of the Rhine River and ... Tacitus relates that according to their ancient songs the Germans were ...


The cuisine of Germany is made up of many different local or regional cuisines, as is typical for ... Today, many people eat only a small meal in the middle of the day at work, ... Germans use almost all available types of grain for their breads: wheat, rye, ... The rich history of the region did and still does influence the cuisine .


Germans tend to eat heavy and hearty meals that include ample portions of meat and bread. Potatoes are the staple food, and each region has its own favorite ...