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In fact, a well cut diamond will reflect more light and appear larger than it actually is. It can also make the face-up color look brighter, and at the same time, mask or camouflage inclusions. This is because a well cut diamond has greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation that can easily conceal flaws.


Princess Cut Diamond. The princess cut diamond, first created in 1980, is the most popular fancy diamond shape, especially for engagement rings. Like round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a good choice for their flexibility in working in almost any style of ring.


If the workmanship and cut of a diamond are poor, the diamond will look dull and lifeless. With round brilliant diamonds, the cut is easy to assess because it is formally graded by independent diamond laboratories. For other diamond shapes, the cut is much more subjective. Cut grades, if given, are more arbitrary. For engagement rings, we ...


Diamond cut is perhaps the most important of the four Cs, so it is important to understand how this quality affects the properties and values of a diamond. A good cut gives a diamond its brilliance, which is that brightness that seems to come from the very heart of a diamond.


While all diamonds sparkle, some cuts capture the spark of each ray of light better than others. So what cut of diamond has the most sparkle? Understanding Diamond Sparkle Buyers need to understand how and why a diamond sparkles in order to appreciate the features that make some shapes the best choices to set off these white flashes of light.


Diamond Cuts refer to the numbers of facets in a finished diamond and how those facets are proportioned in the gem s diamond. The cut usually determines the brilliance of a diamond. On the other hand, Diamond Shape is the overall outline of the finished gem. Before purchasing diamond stud earrings or any other diamond jewelry you need a basic ...


Diamond Cut Grade. The Cut Grade of a diamond directly impacts its beauty; if a diamond is designed, cut, and finished properly, it will have a much more desirable appearance, even when compared to diamonds of higher color and clarity grades.


The best way to achieve a sparkly ring that'll blind people with its brilliance is to pay close attention to the shape of the diamond and how it is cut. There are a lot of different ways a diamond can be cut and all shapes are not equal in terms of brilliance.


Buying Tip: Cut grade is the most important factor in determining the overall appearance of a diamond, because a poorly cut diamond will seem dull even with excellent clarity and color.Conversely, a well cut diamond can have a slightly lower color (G-H) or clarity (SI1-SI2) and still look quite beautiful, due to its superior ability to create sparkle and brilliance.


What is the best clarity for a diamond engagement ring? The appeal of a diamond or any other jewelry usually boils down to your personal preference and taste. For this reason, it would be impossible to state what clarity grade is the “best” as you may have your own rationalization when making a purchase decision.