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Nursing professional development is defined as a specialty-based activity that is based on current health care technologies and the nursing sciences. Nursing professional development specialists are also called clinical nurse educators.


Attributes of a nurse who is successful and professional include empathy, detail oriented, intuitive, emotionally stable, physically strong, communicative, patient and dedicated. In addition, professional nurses must be able to think critically and coordinate the best s...


In general, a nurse is someone who protects, promotes and optimizes the health and abilities of others. Nurses can work to prevent illness or injury, alleviate suffering through diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and advise on care for individuals, families and communi...


An example of an objective statement for a nurse's resume is: "Registered nurse with five years of experience. Manages responsibilities reliably and independently. Proven ability to handle stressful situations professionally and efficiently, while remaining focused on p...


Professional liability insurance provides assistance to nurses when they are accused of malpractice and offers payments for earnings lost due to attendance at court hearings and depositions, explains the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Professional liabili...


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