Passover is typically observed over a course of 8 days (though some Jewish people observe the religious holiday for only 7 days); typically, the first and last couple of days of the Passover period are the days that are ... More »

Passover is a celebration of the emancipation of the Israelites from being enslaved in ancient Egypt. It is an eight-day celebration from the 15th to the 22nd of the Hebrew month Nissan. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Passover

Easter Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, falls on a different day each year, and in a given year, may be celebrated on two different Sundays by Christians in the Western Church and th... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Easter

The exact process of preparing for Passover may depend on how strictly one observes the holiday; those who practice strict religious observance will need to clear all leavened grain products, known as chametz, from their... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Passover

Passover is commemorated through a celebration that lasts seven or eight days. During the celebration, the story of the Israelites fleeing from Egypt is told and songs are sung. More »

Seders are one of the main focal events of the Passover holiday observance; this is an elaborate ritualistic meal that includes the recitation of certain religious texts and the consumption of symbolic foods, which is a ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Passover

Originally, Passover was set to last seven days. It begins late in March and extends to early April. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Passover