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The OANDA Corporation states that the currency people use in Belgium is the euro, which replaced the Belgian franc as the official currency of the country in 2002. All countries in the Eurozone have the euro as their official currency.


Belgium is famous for many things, especially its chocolate and waffles. Belgium is also well-known for its many varieties of beers, pastries and baked goods. Also known as the diamond capital of the world, nearly 90 percent of raw diamonds are handled in the town of An...


Belgium exports a variety of goods, including raw materials, crops, and manufactured items such as computers and other electronics. Belgium has few natural resources, and exports primarily items produced by mechanical means, such as technological devices and commercial ...


Belgium is located in the western region of Europe. It is bordered by the Netherlands and North Sea to the north, France to the west and south and Germany and Luxembourg to the east. Belgium's capital is Brussels.


Germany began to use the Euro as its sole currency on Jan. 1, 2002, officially replacing the Deutsche Mark. The German government had previously adopted the Euro as its acceptable currency during a transitional time that started in January 1999. During this three-year t...


Belgium is a federal monarchy and does not have a president. As of 2014, King Philippe is the head of the state, while Elio Di Rupo is the prime minister and the head of the House of Representatives.


The official currency used in Italy is the euro, distributed in the form of banknotes and coins. The euro replaced the lira in January 2002. Italy was one of the first European nations to adopt the new common currency of European Union member states.