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Belfast (/ ˈ b ɛ l f ɑː s t /; from Irish: Béal Feirste, meaning "mouth of the Farset") is a city in the United Kingdom, the capital city of Northern Ireland, standing on the banks of the River Lagan on the east coast of Ireland.It is the largest city in Northern Ireland and second-largest on the island of Ireland. It had a population of 333,871 as of 2015.


For Belfast, +44 28 from outside the UK or 028 from inside.(Belfast is in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdomand thus uses the UK's country code +44.) For the Republic ofIreland ...


Belfast is a city found in Northern Ireland, The United Kingdom.It is located 54.58 latitude and -5.93 longitude and it is situated at elevation 17 meters above sea level. Belfast has a population of 274,770 making it the biggest city in Northern Ireland.


The main Translink Northern Ireland Railways routes are the major line between Belfast, Antrim, Ballymena, Coleraine and Derry, Belfast to Carrickfergus and Larne, the port for Stranraer in Scotland and Coleraine to Portrush. Sea. Two of Northern Ireland's main ports are in County Antrim, Larne and Belfast.


Belfast is located in Northern Ireland, a region of the United Kingdom on the island of Ireland. It is the capital city of the region. As of 2014, Belfast's population was 274,678, making it the largest city in Northern Ireland.


Best Answer: Belfast is the capital of nothern. Ireland Dublin is the capital of ireland by the way the UK is made up of nothern ireland, england, scotland and wales NOT IRELAND! nothern ireland and ireland are serperate countries.


How far is it to Belfast and in which country is it located? Belfast is located in United Kingdom (City of Belfast, Northern Ireland) and time zone Europe/London. Places in the near are Castlereagh, Newtownabbey and Carryduff.


Farthest Point from Belfast, United Kingdom Estimated population of 276,459, - scroll down to which country and city is farthest from Belfast, United Kingdom. Remember the furthest point (i.e. the antipode) is likely to be in the ocean somewhere, so when considering which point is the farthest away, you need to really look at cities.


Belfast is well known for lots of things, but mainly the titanic, which was made here in belfast, but sank on the way to New York john f.Kennedy was also a proud Irish man of ours, who later moved ...


Many non-Irish people ask "What is the difference between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?". The Short Answer Ireland is a single island, situated next to Britain, but there are two countries on the island The Republic of Ireland makes up most of the island The Republic of Ireland is an independent sove