Portugal colonized Brazil in 1500. The Brazilian Indians were not as advanced as the civilizations of Peru and Mexico, such as the Aztecs and Mayans. More »

Great Britain took Hong Kong from China after winning the First Opium War and took southern Kowloon after winning the Second Opium War. Portugal claimed the Macau region and kept it until 1999. France took over the regio... More »

The Central African nation now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC, was previously administered as a colonial possession by Belgium until 1960. It was officially established as an official colony after ... More »

Although Amerigo Vespucci was one of the first explorers to encounter present-day Brazil, the country celebrates no official holidays in his honor. Including Christmas and New Year's Day, Brazil has 13 nationally-observe... More »

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The region of Africa known as the Republic of Tanzania since 1964 was a former British colony during the years prior to independence, but it was first colonized by Portugal in the early 16th century. Portugal lost contro... More »

Portugal gained control of the spice trade because of the country's strong presence on the water with its ships and naval command. Because of this, they were able to defeat the Muslims in the Indian Ocean and its control... More »

Brazil has a total area of nearly 3.3 million square miles, making it the most expansive country in South America, as of 2014. About 20,000 square miles of Brazil's area is made up of water. More »

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