Part of northeast Germany faces the North Sea, and part of northwest Germany faces the Baltic Sea. This country is mostly landlocked. More »

Switzerland is surrounded by five countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Lichtenstein. It is a landlocked country located in the center of Western Europe. Switzerland has an area of almost 16,000 square miles, an... More »

The major seas that surround France are the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea. The Ligurian Sea, which is a tributary of the Mediterranean Sea, borders the coast of Southeastern France. More »

The bodies of water around France include the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Rhine River and the English Channel. France also borders countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland. More »

The major bodies of water that surround Australia include the Tasman Sea, Arafura Sea, Coral Sea, Timor Sea, Gulf of Carpentasia, Great Australian Bight, Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. The country is situated in t... More »

The major bodies of water that surround Italy include the Tyrrhenian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea, which is the country's geographical lowest point. Italy is situated in the southern region of Euro... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The Baltic Sea borders Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. The Baltic Sea is an arm of the northern Atlantic Ocean that separates the Scandinavian Peninsula from the rest of ... More »