Xylitol is used in products such as sugar-free gum, breath mints, cough syrup, candy, desserts, mouthwashes, children's chewable vitamins and even toothpaste. Xylitol works to sweeten commercial products and is created b... More »

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Gums that contain xylitol include Epic, B-Fresh, Richochet, Spry, Xylichew and Omnii, according to Epic Dental. Xylitol, a natural sugar, helps prevent cavities, states the California Dental Association. To have this eff... More »

Brands of chewing gum that contain xylitol include Spry and Zapp. Zellie, BioGenesis Fruit Gum, Xyla Gum and Dr. John's Fruit Gum also contain xylitol. Xylitol is in Trident gum as well. The ingredient can help improve d... More »

Many low-calorie, sugar-free foods and beverages such as gum, breath mints, diet sodas, yogurts, cereal, powdered drink mixes, nutritional bars, pudding and meal replacements contain aspartame. Aspartame is an artificial... More »

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Signs of pneumonia in children and adults include cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue and painful breathing, however, infants with the illness may not show any symptoms at all, states Mayo Clinic. The pain during ... More »

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The protein called gelatin, which is found in products like Jell-O, can be consumed to help strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth, according to WebMD. Gelatin is an animal protein that is also found in shampoos and f... More »

The Just For Me hair care brand continuously uses different models on the boxes of its texture softener and relaxer products. The girl on the box has never been identified on their official website. Relaxers, which are o... More »

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