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An operating system or OS is software installed on a computer's the hard drive that enables computer hardware to communicate with and run computer programs. Without an operating system, a computer and software would be useless. In the picture is an example of Microsoft Windows XP, an early popular operating system.


What are the types of computer systems? There has been a drastic change in various types of computer systems especially with the advancement in technology.Computer manufacturers try their best to cope up with the advancing technology which is steadily changing every day and night.


Computer systems may be classified into the following groups: 1 - The supercomputers are extremely fast computers that are used in scientific research for their ability to do large amount of calculations and store large amount of data. One use of these computers is weather forecast because of the large amount of calculations involved.


Computer System: A computer system is a basic, complete and functional computer, including all the hardware and software required to make it functional for any user. It should have the ability to receive user input, process data and with the processed data, create information for future storage and/or output.


Systems Engineering Laboratories - Acquired by Gould Electronics in 1981 and became Gould's computer division. Tandon Corporation; Tandy Corporation - Previous parent company of RadioShack, produced the TRS-80 and Tandy 1000 and 2000 IBM PC compatible computers. Sold their computer division to AST Computers in the early 1990s.


A computer system, therefore, is a computer combined with peripheral equipment and software so that it can perform desired functions.Often the terms "computer" and "computer system" are used ...


Different Types Of Computer Systems Information Technology Essay INTRODUCTION. Before getting into the detail, it is essential to understand the concept of Computer System. Computer System is a general purpose device which can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations.


This is a list of operating systems.Computer operating systems can be categorized by technology, ownership, licensing, working state, usage, and by many other characteristics. In practice, many of these groupings may overlap. Criteria for inclusion is notability, as shown either through an existing Wikipedia article or citation to a reliable source.


Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. They organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems. Duties


A computer system unit is the enclosure that contains the main components of a computer. It is also referred to as a computer case or tower. Read...