Bats only come out at night because they dislike light and can find more food after the sun goes down. The primary diet of many bat species consists of mosquitoes, which prefer to come out at sunset. More »

Most owls only come out at night because they use this time to hunt for their prey. Owls hunt for small animals such as mice, insects and birds, which come out of hiding and are more active in the dark. In order to stay ... More »

Mockingbirds typically sing throughout the day and night. Singing is driven mostly by personality, so they sing at night for the same basic reason they sing during the day. Unmated males tend to sing more during the nigh... More »

Bats are nocturnal because they find bugs during the night, and they can evade predators more easily at night. Bats stay away from daylight to avoid competing for food with other predators, such as birds. Bats are also a... More »

Although no living bats are completely blind, most bats rely on sounds to find their prey at night. Known as echolocation, ultrasonic sounds are emitted by bats that bounce off of other objects. By hearing these echoes o... More »

Some basic facts about bats include that these flying mammals use echolocation to find food sources or objects in the dark, there are over 1,000 different bat species and females give birth only once per year. Although n... More »

Bats migrate when the food supply becomes depleted in their current environment. Bats often migrate to the same places; however, not all bats migrate. Some species of bats choose to hibernate when the food supply runs lo... More »