Some colors that meld well with lime green are white, chocolate, pink, blue, yellow, red and orange. When choosing complementary colors for lime green, use a color wheel to select colors that are next to it or directly a... More »

Hunter green, a deep shade of green, goes well with brighter shades of green like teal and vine green. Deep shades of blue, like cobalt or navy, pair well with hunter green as well. More »

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In terms of color theory, there can be many ways to find matching colors, such as choosing complementary, analogous and triadic colors from the color wheel. Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on ... More »

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According to basic color theory, purple, as a secondary color, can be harmonized with the primary colors blue and red, as well as the tertiary colors red-purple (often called magenta) and blue-purple (often called ultram... More »

Lime green matches with many colors, including yellow, true green and violet. However, any decor or outfit using lime green should follow one basic theme so that too many bright colors do not become overwhelming. More »