Methods to make a nail polish color chart include painting the polish onto a sheet of paper, painting onto a wheel or fan of acrylic nails or making a book of colors. Acrylic nail wheels and fans can be found at any beau... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Nail Polish

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To make nail polish last, clean the nail beds with white vinegar, then file each nail short before applying a base coat to the nails, followed by two coats of nail polish and a top coat. Allow the nail polish to dry comp... More »

Removing gel nail polish is easy to do with a few simple materials and tools by roughing up the surface of the nail, soaking the nails in acetone, gently lifting the gel polish from the nails and moisturizing the hands. ... More »

To remove gel nail polish, soak the nails for an adequate amount of time in an acetone-based nail polish remover, then gently remove the polish. If you try to pry or peel the polish off, you are likely to cause significa... More »