To determine what colors are most flattering, the undertone of the skin must be identified. Undertones include deep, light, soft, clear, warm and cool. A drape test can be done to determine the secondary characteristic, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

If cool toned, a person looks best in pink, fuchsia, silver, white, black, blue, blue-green and blue-purple. If warm toned, a person looks best in yellow, peach, orange, bronze, brown, olive green and rust. Neutral-toned... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Matching Clothes

The best shade of eye shadow varies depending on the individual's eye color. Purple and plum shades play up green or hazel eyes. Gray, silver, peach and chocolate shades complement blue eyes. Brown eyes are so versatile ... More »

As a light shade of yellow or brown, khaki is a solid neutral color that works well with almost any shade, but it is best complemented by other neutral colors, such as browns, tans, spring greens and faint yellows. Many ... More »

Muted brown, grey, pine green and eggshell are colors that help make a natural palette that is complementary to olive green. For a similar palette, use a lighter pea green, black, a darker brown and grey. A vibrant palet... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The best colors to wear for a school photo are those that complement the student's choice of background. Students should wear solid colors or simple patterns for the best outcome. Small, simple accessories also help to m... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The best shades of lipstick for fair skin are deep red, red with an undertone of purple, peach, orange and pink. Dark shades especially look great with fair skin tones, according to StyleCraze. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Lipstick