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Bordeaux Tag page contains color schemes, palettes and colour combinations with Bordeaux colors. There are 24 colour combinations with Bordeaux colors. Bordeaux Color Schemes, Combinations, Palettes. ColorCombo227. 15262 0 7 by admin. ColorCombo236. 11724 0 5 by admin. ColorCombo1939. 1728 0 0 by haren. ColorCombo1655.


Bordeaux Color Known as Burgundy, maroon, or simply claret, Bordeaux Color – one of the profound and solemn shades of red, has become one of the favorites this season. Officially, the tone got its name in 1891 in honor of the dark red French wine from Bordeaux. Prior to this, in the Russian language this color was known as “Chermnyy.”


The hexadecimal code that matches this color is 5C0120 Justification . This article will be judged by what is written as a justification and may be deleted or rewritten if the justification does not adhere to the Color Sorting Policies. This color was named for a drink. This color is a shade of Red, Brown The color Bordeaux is named after a Drink


I LOVE this pen, and all the DX UM-151s. I teach at the U of Utah, and this is the pen I use to grade all of my student's papers. The tip is fine enough that I can make little corrections in the margins and between lines; the "Bordeaux Black" color is red enough to seem like it's chastising my students for their silly mistakes, but not so red that they feel violated (turns out th...


Most Bordeaux wine is red, though there are some white and rosé varieties. Red wine gets its color from the skin of the grape, which is fermented with the grape juice.


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The color wine is a dark shade of red.It is a representation of the typical color of red wine.. The first recorded use of wine as a color name in English was in 1705. The term "bordeaux" is also sometimes used to describe this color.


Berlin based singer, multi-instrumentalist and late night host lays down an incredible performance of new single “Bordeaux”, topped off with a spellbind saxo...


Bordeaux (countable and uncountable, plural Bordeaux or Bordeauxes or Bordeauxs) A wine coming from that area. We had a nice bottle of Bordeaux last night. 1989, Upscale: The Successful Black Magazine, page 68: Some fine Bordeauxes and Cabernets actually grow smoother as they sit, and are better served seven or eight years old. A Bordeaux mixture.