Red on a black background gives a glowing effect. A white background dulls the red, and red merges into the color orange with a clashing effect. The best color to pair with red depends on what effect is desired. More »

Neutral hues, like off-white and brown, compliment red. Other striking colors, like yellow and purple, also go with red. Other shades that pair well with red include basic shades like black and white. More »

Silver goes very well with other neutral colors, such as black, gray or white. It also complements jewel tones, such as medium blue, sea green, cherry red, emerald green, purple and turquoise. As a cool color, silver goe... More »

Red is a primary color, so it is not usually possible to produce it by mixing two or more colors. However, print technology uses alternative primary colors, and an overlapping of magenta and yellow produces red. More »

Red is a very intense, very stimulating color that represents physical needs and a will to survive. Representative of blood and fire, the vivid color is aptly associated with war and passion. More »

Red figure pottery consists of red images against a black background, while black figure pottery consists of black pictures against the naturally red color of the vase. The two ancient Greek pottery techniques utilize a ... More »

Purple is the color that goes best with green. Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, and when paired together, it makes green stand out. More »