Many different pants colors will complement a navy blue blazer, including gray, lighter denim and khakis, Business Insider notes. A person can also pair their blazer with pants that are brown or green. More »

Some of the shirt colors that go well with navy blue slacks are black, white, tan, yellow, coral, fuchsia, lavender and light blue. Navy blue is a versatile color that pairs well with many other hues. When picking a comp... More »

A color that goes with burgundy is gray. Burgundy, which refers to a reddish-purple color, makes a good combination with gray or any of its shades like light gray or charcoal gray. More » Science Colors

Despite previous trends, navy blue and black are generally considered to match. Wearing them close together helps contrast their colors. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Matching Clothes

Choosing complementary colors on the color wheel is one way to make sure that a shirt and pants match. Colors opposite each other on the wheel are complementary. More »

Grey is one of the most universal colors for pants that matches almost any color of shoe. Some shades of grey and charcoal may not match well with certain shoe colors. The final decision about what to wear should always ... More »

The color of socks worn with jeans depends upon the shoes worn, not the pants, and it's influenced by the statement the wearer is trying to make. It is not necessary to match socks to pants. More »