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WHAT CHRISTMAS REALLY MEANS. Poem by Andrew Crisci. WHAT CHRISTMAS REALLY MEANS: If expensive gifts weren't a must, the Holiday stress would be less felt; think for a minute


Read What Christmas Really Means from the story My Poems! by buckwolvhoosier (Princess of Christ) with 2,540 reads. wandered, feelings, leaves. Christmas in Ju...


Christmas should be a time when people forget their problems and form a fellowship with one another because that is what Jesus wants. Everyone should be able to put aside their differences and live as a loving, Christ-centered family. Christmas is more than gifts; being surrounded with those you love is the greatest blessing you can have for your life.


What Christmas Means To Me… by Joann Carrano Passmore. .Christmas means a lot to meBecause you have made it special you seeYou give me your love from deep within. Page


Children's Devotion about what Christmas really means. Read: Luke 2:6-18 (NLT) Christmas has taken on so many other things over the years. We have the story of Santa. We have the gift giving. ... To read poetry on Christmas, click on Christmas Poems, and for verses for homemade cards, e-cards or scrapbooks, click on Christmas Card Verses.


It is Christmas, Occasional fog or mist. Children get snow days, And go out to play on sleighs. On Christmas day it is fun, There are just clouds and no sun. You open your presents, Which your family sent. The kids just rip the wrapping, And can't stop laughing. Kids get toys, Specially made for girls or boys. Teens get phones and games,


What Does Christmas Mean To Me? (Trenholms of Kelowna) A poem about the true meaning of Christmas, written by Angela Trenholm. What Does Christmas Mean To Me? Forts so grand and snow ball fights, Plump little men made of snow. Sledding down hills (oh what a sight), With cold red faces all aglow.


'What does christmas mean to you? ' A little girl about the age of seven replies 'Christmas is the time you get to spend with your family And experience the joy of giving.' No matter how true this was doesnt mean it will ever happen again For, that night as we were tapingour christmas our fun and our 'everlasting joy Our opening presents


Christian Christmas Poem about Jesus being the only reason for the season. For use in a Christmas church service, or in a church Newsletter/Bulletin. What Christmas Is All About. Christmas poem on what Christmas is really about. There is also an option to listen to this Christmas Poem if you would like to. Just click on the link above the title ...


What Does Christmas Mean To Me Christmas,Christmas,what does it mean to me,It used to mean presents under a decorative green tree. Where Moma and Dad bought presents from the store, they put them in the garage, closets, and more. My brothers and sisters would gather all around,singing Christmas carols all through the town.