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What Christmas is to me... 'Tis the time to hug, And stay warm and snug. Time to ice skate over the frozen lake, And for the sugar cookies to bake. Menu Search Login. ... Christmas Poems; Christmas; Prev Poem. Next Poem . Christmas Poem. Christmas Is For Quality Time With Loved Ones. What Christmas is to me...


What Christmas Means To Me… by Joann Carrano Passmore. .Christmas means a lot to meBecause you have made it special you seeYou give me your love from deep within. Page


What Christmas Means To Me. Poem by Andria Breen. What Christmas Means To Me: We all sat around the Christmas tree As dad opened his Bible and read the story. We


This is what Christmas means to me More than a season, ’tis the reason to be. A lifetime of longing, a hope fulfilled, The Son of the ages, the God-man still Looking at me through a child’s eyes, Warm and inviting to earth and the skies; All creatures together, dwelling in peace, In Him united long after ages cease.


WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME / Christmas is a time of giving / And showing others love / And thanking God for His gift / That came from heaven above / He gave His only begotten son / For a ransom for our sins / . Published at the web's largest poetry site.


Christmas Poems; What Christmas Means To Me; Prev Poem. Next Poem . Christmas Poem. Time With Family At Christmas. This poem is about the time of Christmas and what it should mean when people talk about it. I was inspired to put some Christmas spirit into the hearts around the world. Enjoy.


He was born in Bethlehem to die for you and me. So it's how our Christmas came to be. Jesus is the reason Christmas happened from the start. I remember Christmas with my Savior in my heart. God sent down His Only Son to set the whole world free. This is just what Christmas means to me.


That's what Christmas Means to me. A parcel of Love delivered From Loves Source For us to love one another Via the grace of His Spirit That's what Christmas Means to me. So let's hail the Gift of all gifts Within the depths of winter And love Our Saviour fair Who brought us salvation Thats what Christmas Means to me.


What CHRISTMAS Means to Me. Poem by Andrea Dietrich. What CHRISTMAS Means to Me: Candies, Christmas songs and presents Held me one time in their thrall. Reunions, however, had true Christmas


Read What Christmas Really Means from the story My Poems! by buckwolvhoosier (Princess of Christ) with 2,540 reads. autumn, santa, band. Christmas in July? Sur...