A state is characterized by recognized boundaries, a permanent population, centralized institutions, an organized economy and a government. A state can be an independent country or a member of a federation. A state has e... More »

Marxist communism represents the complete dissolution of the barriers between private and common interest. It also means the elimination of any division of labor or forced labor. Communism also signals the end of private... More »

Biographical characteristics are personalities or characters that influence a person. These characteristics normally affect a person in one way or the other within an organization or within society. More »

The four essential characteristics of a state include a permanent population, definite boundaries, the ability to negotiate with other states and a single government. States meeting these requirements, laid out by intern... More »

A state is defined by multiple characteristics, including a government body and bureaucracy, a concentration of labor and population and a surplus of food. Other characteristics involve social stratification of the peopl... More »

Find a map of rivers for fishing by looking at state government websites such as Ohio ODNR Division of Wildlife and Texas Parks & Wildlife. Independent websites have fishing maps available at Utah Fishing Info and Colora... More »

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Capital cities serve as the center of government for a state, with politics and economic growth usually weighing heavily in the location choice. The United States has 50 states, the Federal District of Columbia, and seve... More »