Lip numbness may be caused by low blood calcium, exposure to cold temperatures, Raynaud’s disease, food allergies, toxic chemical exposure, Lyme disease, reactions to some medications or even cancer, according to HealthG... More »

The causes of numbness in the lips include subjection of the lips to cold temperatures, certain medications, allergic reactions to foods and Raynaud’s phenomenon, explains Healthgrades. Tetany, which refers to contractio... More »

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Sudden swelling of the lips is a common symptom of angioedema, an allergic reaction that is believed to be triggered by eating shellfish, exposure to animal dander and ingestion of certain medications, according to Medli... More »

Lip discoloration is the change of a person’s natural lip color to a lightened or darkened shade. The most common discoloration tones are brown and gray; however, the lips can also turn to a blue or yellow tone, says Hea... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Lip discoloration is caused by a number of factors including anemia, cyanosis, melasma, too much sun exposure, consumption of excessively hot food, high intake of caffeine, licking and biting of lips, vitamin B deficienc... More » Health Pain & Symptoms