Mold growth in a house is caused when mold spores come into contact with a wet surface, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a constant for all the different forms of mold. More »

Mold around windows and on ceilings is typically caused by excess moisture in those areas. Improperly sealed windows, water leaks and a faulty HVAC system are common causes of excess moisture. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

The best way to check for mold underneath a home is to do an inspection of the entire basement or crawlspace, looking for signs of mold on surfaces and moisture spots. The inspection is done by the homeowner or a mold in... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

The availability of mold spores, a suitable medium such as bread, suitable temperatures and considerable moisture are the four basic requirements for the growth of bread mold. Bread mold spores range in size from 3-40 mi... More »

Black mold growth occurs when mold spores travel through the air and land in a wet environment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Black mold requires constant moisture and usually flourishes on... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

White mold is usually found on basement floors because the right environmental factors for its growth, including moisture, nutrients and mold spores, are present. After cleaning up the mold, controlling excess moisture i... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Removing mold involves using water and detergent, getting rid of absorbent materials, drying the surfaces, and applying paint to the surfaces, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It is important to fix any ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal