A dog's ear scratching may be caused by an ear infection, wounds or lesions, allergies or parasites. While some ear scratching is normal, persistent or heavy ear scratching should be evaluated by a vet. More »

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When a dog's ears smell, it is usually a sign that an infection is present, according to Jon Geller, D.V.M. Bacteria and yeast are the most common causes of ear infections in dogs, notes WebMD. Ear mites, allergies, exce... More »

Dogs typically contract ear mites through contact with other infected animals. Ear mites are also common in outdoor cats, who in turn may pass them on to dogs in the household. Ear mites are miniscule parasites that feed... More »

When a dog scratches his ears and shakes his head, it is probably a sign of an ear infection, according to WebMD. The infection is usually caused by yeast or bacteria. More »

The best ear infection treatment for a dog is to take him or her to the veterinarian. The veterinarian is able to run tests to determine what type of ear infection the dog has and can then recommend an appropriate treatm... More »

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According to Modern Dog magazine, a good home remedy for a dog's ear infection consists of applying a mixture of water and vinegar in the ear. Apple cider vinegar also works for this remedy. Vinegar has antiseptic and an... More »

Common causes of earache, which affects one or both ears, include an ear infection, injury, irritation, pressure changes and ear wax accumulation, notes Healthline. Use of cotton swabs, water in the ear, sore throat, sin... More »