An example of convergent evolution is the similar overall body structure of sharks and dolphins. The shark is a fish while the dolphin is a mammal, but their bodies have evolved to become similar. Another example is the ... More »

Divergent evolution is the mechanism that causes different species to arise from common ancestors, the evolution toward greater difference in related organisms. In the classification system it is a part of, it is one of ... More » Science Biology

As a rule, convergent evolution occurs when two groups of largely unrelated organisms are exposed to very similar environments and develop similar adaptations to survive. According to Princeton University, the evolution ... More »

An example of biological evolution is the evolution of the tiger, during which time the tiger's ancestors grew in size due to an abundance of larger prey animals. This led to the large size and musculature, as well as th... More » Science Biology

Some of the most famous biologists and their contributions to science are Charles Darwin for the theory of evolution by natural selection, Gregor Mendel for discovering the foundation of modern genetics, and James Watson... More »

Adaptive evolution refers to changes within species as a result of stimuli in the environment, and one example is Hypericum perforatum, also known as St. John's wort. This plant now has latitudinal clines in a number of ... More » Science Biology

Serial homology is the development of special features from a structure that occurs in each section of an organism's body. A common example of serial homology is the specialized limb structure of arthropods. Each section... More »